5.00 USD (Per Day)

Keep your vehicle in a guarded area. Just in case! The price is for 24 hours. A security guard or custodian will take responsibility and take care of the vehicle. Any number of entries and exits are allowed within the same 24 hours.


6.00 USD (Per Person Per Day)

A great breakfast based on tea, coffee, milk and natural juices of seasonal fruits. Omelette or fried eggs. Toast or bread. Butter and jam. Fruit salad or seasonal tropical fruit. Various pasta. Everything is homemade, avoiding as much as possible all products of industrial origin. Start your morning with strength, energy and vitamins!


5.00 USD (Per Booking)

This service is a mandatory supplement. It includes the necessary maintenance during your stay, such as daily cleaning of the bathroom, emptying of bins, replacement of products in the minibar, replacement of toilet paper and soap, and change of towels (every day) and sheets (every 2 days).